Piano Repairs

Piano Repair Services

Is your piano in need of repairs? We carry out action repairs, key repairs, regulation work and written and verbal piano valuations.
Get in touch with John Clare Pianos on 07504 855 918.
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Professional piano repairs

Does your piano have a broken key that's preventing you from playing? Are you thinking of getting it fixed by a professional piano repairer? 

At John Clare Pianos, every piano is handled with care and precision. In order to receive the correct sounds from the piano, it is very important for every component to function correctly. Even a slight discrepancy can cause a huge difference. With my experience of more than 25 years, I can achieve the very best for you and for your piano.
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My piano repairs service includes:

  • Felt replacement
  • Piano tuning 
  • String repairs
  • Repinning 
  • Broken key replacement/repairs
  • Repair of sticking keys
  • Repair of broken hammers
  • Action regulation work
For a piano repair estimate, 
call John Clare Pianos
07504 855 918
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